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Ibrahim Madany, Arch. PhD

CEO, Consultant Senior Licensed Appraiser, RICS Registered Valuer

Email : ibrahim.madany@gat.com.eg
Phone : +201222171665
  • PhD Degree in Environmental / Architectural Engineering.
  • Master Degree in Environmental / Architectural Engineering.
  • Diploma in Environmental Engineering, Ain Shams University.
  • B.Sc. Architectural Engineering 1978.
  • Professor of Architectural Design .
  • Professional Real Estate Appraiser, Egypt.
  • Registered Project Management Consultant at the Kuwait Society Of Engineers.
  • Registered Counseling & Experiences Consultant at the Society OF Engineers.
  • Consultant Engineering Office Permit/Engineering Syndicate.
  • Registered Consultant Engineer at the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineering
  • Column writer for Urban & Architectural Articles.
  • RICS Registered Valuer at Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS no. 6663002)
  • Expert Real Estate Appraiser at the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority since 2005 (EFSA No. 60)
  • Registered Professional Real Estate, Machinery and Equipment Appraiser at the Central Bank of Egypt of since 2006 (CBE no 40)
  • Registered Auctions and Valuation expert no 625 for at the Ministry of Supplies and Internal Trade since 2008 (MSIT no 625)
  • Registered Architecture Design Consultant at the Syndicate of Egyptian Engineers since 1993.
  • Founder member of (AURD) Arabian Union of Real Estate Development
  • Member, Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers since 1978.
  • Member, Kuwaiti Society of Engineers since 1980.
  • Member Egyptian Real Estate Appraisers Society (EREAS)
  • Registered Project Management Consultant at the Kuwait Society Of Engineers 2007
  • Registered Consultant Engineer at the Kuwait Society Of Engineers 2007
  • Jury member for BSc. Graduation projects for Architectural Departments/Kuwait /Egypt.
  • أستاذ التصميم المعمارى بكليات الأكاديمية البحرية ، أكاديمية الشروق ، مودرن أكاديمي.
  • أستاذ التقييم العقارى للتدريب وتنمية مهارات التقييم العقارى في الدول العربية.
  • أستاذ التقييم العقارى بجامعة ACU جامعة الأهرام الكندية.
  • Over the last 40 years Dr. Madany has acquired a well augmented experience in all aspects of the Construction Business including:
  • Project & Design Manager
  • Technical and financial feasibility studies, Real estate Development, Architectural Design Services, Supervision of Construction, Tendering, Bidding and Construction, Testing Balancing Adjusting and Commissioning, Operation of Hotel, Retail, Residential and Touristic buildings, and finally, handling approvals and permits from government agencies.
  • His PhD degree in Urbanism and Environmental Architecture enhanced his professional experience and supports his career.
  • Founder & CEO for Global Appraisal Tech (GAT) for real estate and technical appraisal.
  • Founder & CEO for URBAN –Consulting firm for design, supervision &project management.
  • Founder & partner of Developers- for Asset Management & Projects Development.
  • Regularly publishes articles on Architecture and the environment in AlAhram dail newspaper, AlAhram Real Estate weekly, Common Arabian Market and other written and Audio visual media
  • His regular article in the Ahram Real Estate magazine discusses, criticises and elaborates on modern architecture as well as our Architectural heritage in Egypt and the Arab World
  • His philosophical trend and vision is based on his belief that Egypt derives its historical and Geographical heritage from seven (7) pillars: Africa, Asia, Mediterranean, Ancient Egypt, Greco-Roman, Coptic and Arab-Islamic influences. Destined for greatness if its peoples and human resources are properly trained, managed, treated and motivated